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I'm so excited to share with you this week's news!!

I had the honour to be part of one of the most insane, incredible and most talented collaborations out there: Americake Horror Story!!!!

You know this one right? No? Then let me introduce it to you, by Milka's words (Cake Pirate), the host of this collaboration:

The Americake Horror Story is an international non-profit cake collaboration. We are a group of sugar artists who wants to take you into a scary and fascinating cake world full of strange, bizarre and morbid stories – into the world of Americake Horror Story! Be prepared for a special reminiscence on the popular American series American Horror Story and wonderful pieces form Sugar-Artist from all over the world!

My Contribution - Freak Show, Season 4

I'm a huge, huge fan of American Horror Story, and although Asylum is my favourite season, I fell in love with this image as soon as I saw it. It's so intriguing and different. My main concern was because I don't do small modelling, but wanted to push myself into trying it. After a lot of trials and fails, I finally understood how I should do it, with a little help from Valentina Terzieva. By the way, her book is incredible if you want to learn small modelling. You can find it here:

To cover my cake, I first covered the sides with Renshaw extra in white. Then I painted the part I choose as the front, with Rainbow Dust Paint in red. After everything had dried, I covered the all cake including the boards, all together, with Renshaw Extra in black. With my blade form Innovative Sugarworks, I cut the "AHS" letters so the red would show underneath and to give a cool 3d effect in the letters. For the "Freak Show" writing, I simply used Rainbow Dust Paint in white.

I used Renshaw Belgian White Chocolate modelling paste for the first time to do the legs and although I'm a modelling chocolate girl, it's a really good medium to sculpt small things, in my opinion. It doesn't dry to fast, so you have time to work and do all the things you need to make your piece as perfect as you have in your mind. Sugar shapers from Innovative Sugarworks are incredible to make small details and that was the tools I've used and always use to sculpt.

For the shoes, I've used Renshaw flower paste, simply because I wanted it to dry faster since it was such delicate details, and painted with the Rainbow Dust metallic paint in gold.

I didn't want to give a lot of weight with the skirt, so I did it with wafer paper. Again, a first. It's a tricky medium, I may say. But in the end, I manage to put it up, not exactly how I planned, but with the movement, I intended to. To make it like was floating, I simply sprayed with water, just a little bit at a time, and let it dry in between sprays so the movement didn't go out. With the Rainbow Dust Paint in red, I painted the red stripes to mimic the circus tent in the photo. I'm definitely going to learn more and experiment with wafer paper because you can do a lot with it!

And I love the end result! I'm so proud of myself because small modelling scares me a lot and I actually ended up enjoying it a lot! So... A lot of practice of small modelling coming for me!

I love being part of collaborations because I can push myself into doing things I probably never do without that motivation. Being amongst so many talented artists, makes me want to become better and learn more and more each day. I love that it's not a competition but a really good incentive and motivation between each one of us to do the best we can do and practice more and more.

If you have the chance of being part of a collaboration, do so. You'll not only make great friends in the cake community, but you'll also improve yourself as a cake artist.

To see more photos of my piece, check here: FREAK SHOW - SEASON 4

And to see all the other pieces, you can go here: AMERICAKE HORROR STORY - ALL PIECES AND ARTISTS

Now, do you love American Horror Story as much as we do? What is your favourite season? Tell me everything!



My piece was kindly sponsored by Rainbow Dust, Renshaw and Innovative Sugarworks. Thank you so much for your support.

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