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So, now the goodie part, the tutorial.

This is a really simple tutorial on how to make a more realistic Daisy



  • flower paste (*HARD ROCK Flower Paste by BeMagenta)

  • edible glue

  • yellow edible pollen (*SUGARTEX Granular Food Color ‘Mimosa’ by Sugarflair)

  • green food colour dust (*High Strength Professional Dust Food Colour ‘Leaf Green’ by Squires Kitchen)


  • #20 or #22 white floral wire

  • wire cutter

  • wire bender

  • foam pad

  • brushes (one for edible glue and one for painting)

  • daisy or sunflower/gerbera cutter

  • ball tool

  • veining tool

  • flower forming cups

  • flower drying stand

  • scribing needle or toothpick

  • green floral tape (*moss green)

*This was the products I’ve used in this tutorial, just as an example, but you can use any you have or prefer to use.




1. Cut a wire in 3 (around 12cm each).

2. Roll one side of the wire around a brush to make a circle (img1). 

3. Bend the end of the round side (img2).

4. Bend over itself (img3).

5. Bend in a way it looks like a little hat (img4).

6. Make a small ball with sugar paste (a little bigger than the round side of the wire you’ve just made) and make it into a disk (img5).

7. Add glue to the wire and “squish” into the disc you’ve previously made (img6) and let it dry for about 10/15min.

8. Make another small ball and glue it to the previous structure. Model it until turn like a little mushroom top (img7) and let it dry for about 10/15min.

9. Apply glue to all surface and add the pollen until all surface is covered (img8) and let this centres dry for at least 1 hour (I normally do all the centres and let them dry overnight to make sure they’re all dry for easy handling).



1. Roll a piece of sugar paste (about 1mm thick) and cut two flowers with the cutter.

2. With a ball tool, soften the centres from the top of each petal to the centre (img9).

3. Roll the veining tool on each petal (on both sides) to make the petals imprints (img10).

4. Put a flower into a flower former and apply glue into the center of one flower and place the other flower on top, trying to place the petals (from top flower) into the spaces between the petals of the bottom flower (img11) and let it dry for at least 2 hours (like the centers, I normally do all the flowers and let them dry overnight to make sure the flowers won’t lose their shape).

5. Apply glue to the centre of the flower and on the bottom of the centre you previously made, and insert the wire into the middle of the flower (img12) and let them dry in a flower drying stand for about 1 hour.

6. Cover all the wire with the green flower tape.

7. Make a little cone with flower paste. With the ball tool, do a cup shape on the larger side of the cone. With a scribing needle or a toothpick, poke all the surface. Insert the wire into the centre of the cone cup you’ve just made (img13).

8. Dust the cone cup with the green food colour dust (img14).

And that’s it!! You’ve made a pretty flower that you can add on top of cupcakes, on flower arrangements, well, wherever you want.

Hope you like this tutorial and feel free to comment below, like it, share it (thank you)!!

You can see more photos of this cake here: WINTER WOODLAND

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