Happy Easter!!! 'Peek-a-Boo' - Sugar Painting Tutorial


Hi everyone!

This Easter, I didn’t know what to do… Literally… I thought about eggs, then bunnies, then bunnies in eggs, then I forget about it…

Suddenly, yesterday when I was navigating through Pinterest, a cute drawing appears on my screen, like a “peek-a-boo” hello. I’ve had bought a couple of picture frames last weekend, and then I had an idea. Why not just make a simple edible portrait? A little photoshop touch and the design was created. 

Now I have my Easter project and it was so simple, but I think is soooooooo adorable!!!Then I thought, I could film the process and share to all of you. And I did. Below there is the materials I used and the video. 


  • Modelling sugar paste

  • Brushes (flat #2, round #5/0, #3/0, #8, #12)

  • Confectioners Glaze

  • Lemon Extract

  • Gel food colour: super black and ivory

  • Dust food colour: white (if needed), yellow (daffodil), orange (berberis), pink (rose), green (vine), blue (hydrangea), light brown, chocolate brown

  • Pencil

  • Palette tray

I hope you like it! If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, please do. For more pictures of this painting, click here: PEEK-A-BOO

And Happy Easter!!! 


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Ana Ferreira

Ana discovered in 2012 the world of cake design, fell in love and since then took the PME Master course and attended master classes with renowned artists like Karen Portaleo. Of Portuguese nationality, currently resides in Stirling, Scotland. Awarded nationally and internationally.

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