Golden Dream – Buttercream Flowers Tutorial


Hello :)

My recent tutorial is finally here!!! Buttercream tutorial, with a golden dripping around the cake.

This cake was a result of some experiences, after a few days doubting myself... Yes, it's called anxiety, and no, you're not alone on it...

my best friend: anxiety

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe problem of anxiety, and basically my body can't let go any of the stress that I accumulate. So, it starts to shut down parts of my body one by one... Luckily, I discover it in time, and now, even living with it, life is much better. I quit my "secure" job and jump into this business with all I am, because it was the only thing that makes me feel good. But, like every job out there, its not that simple...

You have no idea how many people in this business live with anxiety. I've meet so many of you that deal with the same problems as I do. "Am I good enough?", "I can't never be as good as that..., or "I should do this that, or maybe those... Oh what's the point?", are some of the questions that daily cross my mind, and the mind of so many of us that have creative jobs.

I always doubt about myself, always questioning and questioning every-single-thing... That's my daily basis... What I do to avoid all the "drugs" and doctors that are supposed to help? That's the "one million dollar" question, isn't it? Every one of us is difference... I do crochet, play video games, read, watch tv... The most important thing is that I don't do anything related to my job in that time... Does it works? Well, sometimes does, sometimes doesn't... And that's fine. That's totally fine. 

I always look at my work and think about the million things I could do better on it... That's me, that's my problem... And I procrastinate a lot! Why? Well, if you don' try you don't fail, right? 

But this is a day to day process... The best thing in this world, is that a new day always comes in the morning... And new opportunities come with it. And also the chance to learn about yourself and your anxiety.

So, what's the point of this? NEVER GIVE UP!!! Always "Follow Your Golden Dream" because you're not alone. I'm proud of myself today, because I reach another step in my life... I admitted to the world that I'm not perfect, and never will be, and that's fine :)

about the cake

Now, about the tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to do buttercream cherry blossoms, lotus flowers and a gold dripping around the cake. 

Here is what you'll need:


  • 12’’ black base

  • Piping tips: #32, #102, #103, #352, #366 from Wilton and 2 tips #2 from PME

  • Piping couplers

  • Flower nails (one big and one small)

  • Styrofoam block (to hold flower nail)

  • Wax paper (cuted into squares)

  • Piping bags

  • Scissors

  • Spatulas

  • Brushes

  • Needle

  • Tray (that suits in your freezer)


  • 6’’ round cake covered with black sugarpaste

  • Buttercream

  • Gel colors: Fuchsia, Egg Yellow, Electric Yellow, Burgundy, Forest Green, Leaf Green, Mint Green

  • Dust colors: Vine Green, Gold

  • Lemon extract

  • 100g white chocolate

  • Dried Coconut (pre-colored with greens and yellow if you prefer)

And here it is the video:

You can see more pictures of the cake here: GOLDEN DREAM

I hope you enjoy the tutorial, as much as I enjoyed doing it. don't forget to share with me your Golden Dreams. I love to hear from you :)


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Ana Ferreira

Ana discovered in 2012 the world of cake design, fell in love and since then took the PME Master course and attended master classes with renowned artists like Karen Portaleo. Of Portuguese nationality, currently resides in Stirling, Scotland. Awarded nationally and internationally.

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