Halloween 2017



This year I decided to go simple and just try some kind of pumpkin carving, although it was just a hole.

Was not as difficult as I thought and maybe next year I'll go a little further with it. 

I couldn't just have a pumpkin with a hole in it, could I? I needed to add something interesting to it. So I did a skull. A black skull. I melted some black Rainbow Dust Colour Melts and poured into the Sugar Geek Show Skull Mould. A little tip with the Colour Melts: to have a more flowing consistency, just add a little bit of vegetable oil or, in my case, I add some cocoa butter to it. Add a little at a time, so you don't end up with a too runny consistency.

Creepy right? Gives a super cool effect inside. 


Now, let's talk about the details. I didn't like the pumpkin just by itself, I mean, it looked good, but it was missing something. I also didn't want to add a lot, because I didn't want to distract from the central point, which was the skull, so I covered the stump of the pumpkin and added a border around the pumpkin hole with black Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste

To finish it off, I painted some gold dots with Rainbow Dust Edible Silk Metallic (Golden Sands) using the Rainbow Dust Cake Decorators Glaze

BIG TIP: never forget to clean your brush right after you finish painting with glaze! If you leave the glaze on your brush, it will ruin it. You can easily clean it with Rainbow Dust Glaze Cleaner. Also, when using the glaze, I always cover my palette with some aluminium foil, this way I don't ruin it and also it's an easy cleaning process. We all love to play, but never the cleaning part.

Let it dry and add some little lights inside to give that creepy effect. And that's it! It will look awesome on your window or if you're throwing a party, as a centerpiece.

Here you have a little video I made, to show you the effect that the lights create.

Creepy cheers everyone!!!  


This work was sponsored by Rainbow Dust and Renshaw. Thank you so much for your support.

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Ana Ferreira

Ana discovered in 2012 the world of cake design, fell in love and since then took the PME Master course and attended master classes with renowned artists like Karen Portaleo. Of Portuguese nationality, currently resides in Stirling, Scotland. Awarded nationally and internationally.

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