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The Spring is finally here! Although here in Scotland is a little grey, but my daffodils have already shown so the spring is definitely coming.

And I'm celebrating the start of Spring, and the officially weekly blog post (yei) with a mood board.


What are mood boards?

One of the new things I've planned for the blog is periodically mood boards. And what are mood boards, you may ask? Well, mood boards are just as the name says, a board or a collage of pictures you can make with a colour palette, to get inspiration for a project. You probably have seen this all over Pinterest.

There's mood boards for anything you can imagine: weddings, beauty, fashion, home design... You name it. Here some examples:

In my case, I'll make mood boards as an inspiration for cakes, well obviously, such as wedding cakes.

What to add to mood boards?

You can add anything you want to mood boards. Think about what do you search when planning a cake. Those are the things you want to add to a mood board. You can add flowers, dresses, architecture, art... Anything that fits your theme.

An example of a search for “bright colours” on Pinterest.

An example of a search for “bright colours” on Pinterest.

What theme should I do for a mood board?

Well, that depends on your cake theme. Let's think about the tulips themed mood board I've just created.

The client gave you a brief of their wedding, and they said they'll have the following requisitions or decorations:

- tulips

- pink tulips

- bright colours

- soft rustic feeling

- simple arrangements

Now, what do you normally do after this? You start to plan. You search for ideas, starting with tulips right?

You'll search for tulips, tulips arrangements, tulips bouquets, rustic wedding and rustic wedding cake.

An example of a search for “pink tulips” on Pinterest.

An example of a search for “pink tulips” on Pinterest.

Before I continue let me stop for one minute. The search for a rustic wedding cake should be the last thing you search. Why? Because you want to be unique.

If you start by searching rustic wedding cakes, you'll get stuck with what's out there already. And you want to make a cake that's unique and original for your client, right?

I guarantee you that after you search for everything else in the theme, besides cakes, you'll have plenty of ideas to create your mood board and your cake.

How do I create mood boards?

I start by thinking about a theme of course. Let's get back to tulips.

I've made my search on Pinterest and saved the images I found were the best for my theme mood board.

An example of a search for “tulip arrangements” on Pinterest.

An example of a search for “tulip arrangements” on Pinterest.

Then, I went to this cool website, Coolors, that creates colour palettes from images and changed some of the colours to create a bright colour scheme for my mood board.


After that, I created a template on photoshop to fit my brand design, that included some different spots to place my inspiration images and colour palette.


And basically, that's it. My mood board is created and I can now print it and start planning a cake with this theme.

Mood boards are definitely a go to make yourself or creative instead of relying on other cakes. And that's how you make clients, by making unique cakes that fits their need and dreams.

So, what themes should I do next for my mood boards?

Let me know in the comments!


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Ana Ferreira

Ana discovered in 2012 the world of cake design, fell in love and since then took the PME Master course and attended master classes with renowned artists like Karen Portaleo. Of Portuguese nationality, currently resides in Stirling, Scotland. Awarded nationally and internationally.

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