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I wanted to do this tutorial series for a long time, but I was doing what we cake designers do best... procrastinating!!! But after my sweet friend Sara Weber (you should totally check her work, it's amazing!!! - Sara's Sweets Austin) invited me to help her with a new Facebook group, I had a huge push into doing this. 

'Why are this two things related' you ask? Well, the group is exclusively for sugar flowers 'things', where the idea is to have a safe place where people can ask any kind of questions, post free tutorials, photos, all about sugar flowers!! A place where there are no 'stupid' questions, where we all learn from each other. Sounds awesome right? So let's go join it! Sugar Botanical Society - cool name right?? 

Anyway, I started with an essential theme around sugar flowers:

What tools do I need to start doing sugar flowers???

A lot of you ask this question right?? So did I when I started. I was so overwhelmed by all the things you could find in stores, all different, but all looked so helpful, that I ended buying a lot of stuff. I learned later, with time, that you don't need that much. So, I narrow it to 20 items (I know, I know, still sounds a lot, but most of them you already have for all the other decoration things. I'm with you ). 

I also made a list of the non-essential ones, but that can be really helpful if you want to go all the way with sugar flowers.

Why not download and print this cheat sheet and work it as a checklist??

Two of the most important materials you need to do sugar flowers is the medium (well, obviously...) and colours. 

When it comes to choosing my medium, I use Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste because, for me, it's the best out there. It's really easy to work with, you can roll it really thin, which is essential to give realism to your flowers, the work and dry time is really good, allowing you to do whatever you need to do to turn the paste into a sugar art piece.

About colours, I use Rainbow Dust. Their colours are really good pigmented so, for example when colouring flower paste and using Rainbow Dust ProGels, you don't need to add much, just a tiny drop and this is amazing because you won't add moisture to your paste. For dusting the petals, I use their dust, especially the Rainbow Dust Plain and Simple range. They bring life to the flowers and again, you don't need to use much. The variety of colours is endless, so another good thing.

In the video, I explain all of the essential and non-essential tools listed above, so you can see and decide for yourself what's best for you  

So, I really hope you find this video helpful, and what is your favourite tool for sugar flowers?? The one you can live without and even think about sleeping with it under the pillow so you won't lose it??? Leave it in the comments, I want to know!!! 

Happy flowers everyone!!!



This tutorial was sponsored by Renshaw and Rainbow Dust. Thank you so much for your support.

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