vikings - the cake collaboration 2018

Floki - Shani Christenson

Shani is an award winning, professional cake artist living in Mendocino, a tiny victorian style village on the rugged and beautiful northern coast of California. Shani’s cake adventures began with her love for baking special treats for her family combined with her obsessive need to be creative and make beautiful things. Sweet art was her calling and she jumped in whole heartedly. Not being able to afford pastry school or any formal classes, Shani did her best to gather knowledge where she could. Youtube, tutorials, Craftsy, books, anything that she could get her hands on really, and has turned her love for sweet art into a thriving custom cake business. Shani has been creating artisan cakes for almost 6 years now and is loving every minute of it. Along with having many of her creations published in magazines, she has had the honor of winning multiple awards in cake competitions. Shani has now turned her hand to teaching and blogging, creating online tutorials and teaching at cake shows across the US. You can find many of Shani’s signature recipes and cake decorating tutorials on her blog Shani’s Sweet Art - Making Sweet Things Beautiful.