vikings - the cake collaboration 2018

Harald Finehair - Isabel Tamargo

Isabel Tamargo lives in rainfall and colder northern Spain. She has loved cooking and pastry since she was a child but her biggest dream was being a scriptwriter. She studied a degree in Cinema and Media studies, Psychology and a grade 8 piano certificate in a conservatory of music… but by a quirk of fate, a bakery offered her a job in 2013. She accepted and there was where she has been improving in traditional and creative pastry and that caused a change of mind on her. After a few months, she decided to leave the job and challenged herself to be at home for a year creating original sweet pieces and improving, thinking if that project could have gone well. In her travel, she discovered modelling chocolate and at that very moment, this amazing material opened a world of possibilities and she felt in love with bust cakes and realistic pieces. In October 2014, she started her business under the name of “Tartas Imposibles” and now she’s giving classes covering the whole Spanish territory and a few international countries and participating in some events but Isabel is still learning and trying to improve in several techniques. She loves being part of interesting collaborations and she always tries to do her best, each collab is a new great challenge for her.

Isabel Tamargo - Tartas Imposibles (Spain)
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